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Welcome tothe Leicester Windrush Website

This website focuses on the impact and contribution the Caribbean community has had on the cultural landscape of Leicester, England and will explore the lasting impact of the Windrush generation and era, on Leicester’s social and cultural heritage.


Undertaking in-depth research and interviews, we were able to speak with over 50 individuals of Caribbean heritage from the Windrush generation who live in Leicester, some with fading memories and some are sadly no longer with us.


This website showcases some of the work done for the project. The Leicester Windrush Project / East Midlands Windrush Connection is a non profit organisation that creates and delivers heritage projects, programmes and initiatives throughout the UK which highlight Caribbean peoplescontributions to public services, therefore, whether you are new or have a knowledge which you would like to expand, we have a workshop, seminar or (14 A1 boards) exhibition for you.